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Memory Transmission Technology

Our Visual Memory System (VMS) can provide you with custom memories you had only ever before imagined. The selections which you make on your entry forms are scanned into our proprietary software system, where your requests are compared to our memory database. Isolated elements from the database are reassembled into a coherent memory stream, generating the code which acts as a framework for your customized memory experience. This code serves two functions: to generate electromagnetic (EM) fields and to guide the Memory Technician in administering the memory.

The mild EM field opens up neural receptors and allows the artificial memory to be integrated with natural ones. The signal which is being transmitted by these fields carries a first person visual perspective of memory fragments. The proximity of these fields to your own EM neural activity creates a partial transmission of this image stream, which produces a fleeting and insubstantial effect similar to the recalling of one's own memories.  



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