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Memory Technician Certification

Our certification process is a rigorous one, requiring over 18 months of intensive study and training. Learning to interpret the VMS codes constitutes the majority of MT certification training. Reading the code is extremely difficult; it is not read in the same way we read language, but is rather traced via pattern recognition and matching. The interest in this field of study has been overwhelming, and with only Memory Ltd.'s own program available as a training center, admission to the program has become quite competitive. If you are interested in applying to the program, please contact us.

You may wonder why a "guide" is needed to experience a memory. The imagery which constitutes our real memories means little without the context, the story we've told ourselves and others every time we've "relived" the experience via memory recall. The Memory Technician interprets the raw codes generated by the VMI, the same codes which produce the EM image stream. The MT is also trained to embellish and add coherency to the memory narrative.

Here in our new Tempe offices, you have the great fortune of being guided by the first and foremost Memory Technician, Isa Gordon. In addition to her involvement with Sensory Engineering's research team, Gordon helped develop both the MT certification program, and also the complete immersive experience which now works in tandem with the Visual Memory System.




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